Meditation on the eight impermanent aspects of life

The consciousness of the eight worldly dharmas is a main element of the stepwise development of stability in the meditation (tib.: Lamrim). These consist of four couples of opposites:

  • Lob or Tadel: the personal value is increased or decreased in comparison to other individuals;
  • Erwerb or Verlust: material property and wealth are increased or decreased;
  • Freude or Leid: the personal luck is increased or decreased;
  • Ruhm oder Schande: the status in society is increased or decreased.

All situations in life can be found somehow in these aspects are normal expressions of the realtions of beings in the permanent dynamic in samsara. The crucial point is how we react on this change – and it is not important if we are benefitted or benachteiligt by the situation. From the view of Buddha-Dharma it is not important, if one of these dharmas is moving to the positive or negative extreme as both directions lead our focus away from controlling our mind. As they encourage to lean on illusions and let the poisons of the mind flowerish – ignorance, attachment, aversion, pride and jealousy – the eight worldly dharmas are often obstacles but in fact much more a valuable field of practice.

So it is important to see them a steps on the path and analyse them both in meditation and every situation. By watching the essence of the Four Immeasurables – Love, Compassion, Happiness and Equanmity–all situations can be reflected in equanmity.