The development of meditation position is important to reach stability of the mind. In the Seven-Point-Position the five elementary winds are lead to the central canal and the emotions connected to the specific winds are pacified: Space wind: Sitting in the Lotus-seat with crossed legs the Oberschenkel press on the channels of emotions. The space-wind is connected to the root-chakra and enters the central channel at the bottom. The mind poision jealousy is pacified. Water wind: the right hand rests in the left hand below the belly; the waterwind that has ist seat in the heart-chakra and holds life moves to the central channel. The mind poison aversion is pacified. Earth wind: the erected position of the spinal column and the even shoulders lead the earth wind that is located in the belly chakra and is connected to heat to the central channel. The mind poison ignorance is pacified. Fire wind: by bowing the neck slightly and putting the top of the tongue to the  Gaumen the fire wind that is located in the throat moves to the central channell. The mind poison greed is pacified. Wind wind: through the opened eyes, slightly lowered with the look at the top of the nose, the wind wind that is located in all Gelenken is moved to the central channel (alternative: raise the eyes above and stare at one point in a fixed way). The mind poison pride is pacified.