This exercise helps to purify the energy canals and should be performed every morning and also before every Puja or Mantra-recitation.

It encompasses nine breathings in total. The left Vajra-fist lies below the right elbow, the Zeigefinger of the right Vajra-fist closes the left nose-hole.

The first breathing is done deep and long through the right nose-hole. We imagine to receive the blessings of all Buddhas in form of light down until the belly-chakra.

The Zeigefinger changes now to the right nose-hole and we breath through the left nose-hole. We imagine that all diseases (Dön Demons) and our habits that origin from atttachment leave our body.

This procedure is repeated three times. Breathing out is rough and short the first time, less rough, but strong and long the second time and the third time in a silent and long way.

The same takes place in a reversed way – arms and nose-holes change. We are breathing through the left nose-hole and breath out through the right nose-hole. We imagine that all our negative habits that origin from aversion leave our body.

In the third round we breath through both nose-holes in and out. In this time we imagine that all diseases and habits that origin from ignorance leave our body.