Evening Practice

Regular evening practice takes place on Mondays and Thursdays and is open to all interested persons – please get in contact with Harald Kutzenberger in advance per phone 0043 676 328 33 12 or email info@drikungaustria.org.

An important aim of practice ist he development of fundamental stability of the mind. We mainly use the methods of SHI-NAY (calm abiding) and LHAG-THONG (sending and receiving).

The preliminary exercises (Ngöndro) of the Fivefold path to Mahamudra (Ngaden) are a permanent focus of the practice evenings. This includes both the outer Ngöndro („Four ways to direct the mind“) and the practises of taking REFUGE and VAJRASATTVA as fundament of further mediation. Taking refuge supports the stabilisation of a focus on the Three Jewels – Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, Vajrasattva is a practise to purify karmic habits.

In addition we regularly do Pujas (BUDDHA SHAKYAMUNI, TARA, MEDIZINBUDDHA, GURU RINPOCHE, AMITHABA, DHARMAPALA) according to the Tibetan moon calender.

The next upcoming dates please find in the calender.